Past Student Research

Student Research

GHE students pursue research in a variety of areas, including indoor air pollution (particulate matter and carbon monoxide) in Guatemala, India, China and Mongolia; pesticides in the San Francisco Bay area; food security in Kenya; and chemical regulation in California. See below for recent student research abstracts.
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Research Summaries and Publications from Recent Graduates of the GHE Program

Association between Small-Scale Fishery Participation and Severe Household Food
Insecurity: The case of Kenyan fishing communities on Lake Victoria
– Erika Gavenus, 2014

Environmental Determinants of Human Liver Fluke Transmission in Aquaculture Systems in China and Thailand – Tomás León, 2014

Small shot, big deal: Unrecognized perceptions of the use of injectable contraception in India – Anne Berg Villumsen, 2013

The Contribution of Household Solid Fuel Use to Ambient Particulate Pollution in a Village in Peri-Urban Beijing – Anna Zimmermann, 2013

Association between food insecurity and child cognitive development in Kenyan community on Lake Victoria – Erin Milner, 2013

Social and cultural factors modifying the transmission of Schistosomiasis in Yi communities of Sichuan Province of China – Qianyi Jessica Li, 2012

Lead content of retail jewelry: an analysis of products sold in California and the performance of state and federal lead regulations – Vanessa Coffman, 2011

Assessing and mapping determinants of vulnerability to heat waves in San Francisco – Courtney Smith, 2011

Profile of Electronic Waste Workers in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire – Georgia Green, 2011

Chronic Early Life Exposure to Carbon Monoxide in Woodsmoke and Children’s Neurodevelopment in Rural Guatemala: A Pilot Study – Linda Dix-Cooper, 2010

Coliform Bacteria in the Drinking Water of Highland Communities in Rural Guatemala – Andrew Slocombe, 2010

Research in the Genes and Environment Laboratory, concentrating on invitro genotoxic assays. – Michele Fromowitz, 2010

An Analysis of Black Carbon and Health Effects – Swati Sharma, 2010

Enhancing Exposure Assessment through Improved Markov Chain Indoor Air Pollution Models – Surakshya Dhakal, 2009

Ambient Air Quality Standards in Developing Countries – Candace Vahlsing

Air Pollution and Agricultural Burning – Rebecca Kehrer

Comparison of Nine Co-located PM2.5 and CO Monitors and Characterization of Airborne Particle Size in Wood-Burning Kitchens – David Dauphine

Monitoring Fuel Savings to Generate Voluntary Carbon Offsets from Household Energy Projects; Implementing the Kitchen Performance Test in Kampala, Uganda, as a Case Study – Evan Haigler

The Effects of Physical Space and Social Connections on Health Status in a Rural Ecuadorian Study Site, February 2005 – Sarah Bates

Impact of Improved Stoves on Indoor Air Quality in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia November 2005 – Shannon Cowlin

Assessment of Exposure to Indoor Wood-Smoke using Biomarkers in Urine, February 2005 – Michael C. Clark

Exposure to Smoke from Household Cooking Fuel and Risk of Cataract Formation in Women: A Case Control Study, May 2004 – Amod Pokhrel, 2004

US involvement in foreign affairs: A media analysis, May 2003 – Elena Conis

Pediatric respiratory health effects of ambient air pollution, May 2003 – Jennifer Slotnick

Assessing & modeling exposure to indoor air pollution among rural women in Guatemala, February 2003 – Lisa Thompson
Presented at the Global Health Council Conference, Washington, D.C., May 2003

An analysis of pesticide information systems, May 2003 – Rachel Turner Williams

Evaluation of The Management of Bioaccumulative Fish Contaminants in California’s Sacramento-San Joaquin Watershed: Lessons for Developing a More Integrated Model, May 2004 – Trina Mackie

Reemergence of Schistosomiasis Japonicum in Sichuan Province, China: A pilot study – Ryan D. Johnson

Assessment of Cement Dust Concentrations and Noise Levels in a Cement Plant in Nicaragua – Aneilka Gonzalez Webb

California Burden of Disease Study: An Analysis of Mortality and Morbidity in California across Ethnicities – Myfanwy Callahan