International Fieldwork

A kid looking Matias Tagle (GHE 17) installing a stove monitor in Paraguay.

A woman in Paraguay burning wood and drinking mate.

A woman in Alibag’s Koliwada neighborhood collecting her Point Of Use sample for bacterial testing. Swati Rayasam.

GHE second year Swati Rayasam pictured with her translator Harsheila Mahimtura in Alibag where she collected water samples and conducted interviews about drinking water quality and menstrual hygiene.

Photo courtesy of Jiawen Liao

Jiawen Liao (GHE ’16) doing research on electronic cigarette in the lab at California Department of Public Health, USA.

Swati Rayasam (GHE 17). Local women in Alibag, Maharashtra fill water in the afternoon in Siddhartha Nagar near the coast.

Andrew Mertens (GHE ’16) with local researcher investigating water and sanitation issues in Bangladesh. 

Amee Raval (GHE ’16) (left) and Dr. Priya Dutta, from Indian Institute of Public Health, (right) were administering a baseline questionnaire to a study participant at Lal Darwaza Traffic Junction in Ahmedabad, India.

Graham Flitz (GHE ’16) together with local researchers were giving instructions to grandmother about the program and spirometry testing in Malawi.

Sarina Arnold (GHE ’15) was conducting a Biofuel Autoclave testing in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Jenny Eav (GHE ’14) and a colleague from INCLEN placing stove use monitors on a traditional mud chullah. Jenny’s research project focuses on evaluating a new platform for monitoring stove use.

Local woman preparing chapatis using a traditional mud chullah in Haryana, India. Jenny Eav’s (GHE ’14) research project involved field testing a new platform for monitoring stove use.

Tomás León (GHE ’14) and a local student from Khon Kaen University take environmental samples from ponds and lakes in northeast Thailand to study liver flukes. Tomás is interested in how environmental factors influence the transmission cycle of the parasite.

Local fishermen beach seining for Nile perch on Mfangano Island, Kenya. Erika Gavenus’s (GHE ’14) project focuses on the relationships between fishery dynamics and health outcomes among rural communities of Lake Victoria.

In Uttar Pradesh, India, a doctor operates a local tele-medicine health center operated using web-camera consultations with doctors in Delhi – a strategy to reach remote areas with quality reproductive health care, from Anne Berg Villumsen‘s (GHE ’13) project improving access to contraception throughout India.

Coal stove in peri-urban Chinese community monitored as part of Anna Zimmermann’s (GHE ’13) research evaluating how household biomass and coal use contributes to outdoor air pollution.

Fisherman catching undersized Nile perch on Mfangano Island, Kenya from Erin Milner’s (GHE ’13) research assessing the impacts of ecological changes in Lake Victoria on livelihoods and child nutrition.

Fieldwork photo by Qianyi Li (GHE ’12) for the project “Social and cultural factors modifying the transmission of Schistosomiasis in Yi communities of Sichuan Province of China”

Computer repairman soldering a circuit board on his lap — from Georgia Green‘s (GHE ’11) fieldwork on electronic waste workers in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

Courtney Smith (GHE ’11) stands in front of mines on the outskirts of Langzhou, the capital of Gansu Province in China, touted as one of the most polluted cities in the world. In 2010, Smith met with NGOs, government officials, and academics throughout China to discuss environmental health and justice issues as part of the Vermont Law School Chinese Environment Justice Fellowship.

Map depicting Courtney Smith‘s (GHE ’11) research on heat vulnerability in San Francisco, commissioned by the San Francisco Department of Public Health.

Linda Dix-Cooper (GHE ’10) with Guatemalan study team members.

6-year-old Guatemalan girl taking a seeing eye exam before her neurobehavioral interview – as part of Linda Dix-Cooper‘s (GHE ’10) fieldwork in Guatemala.

A view of the Guatemalan countryside while visiting schools to recruit participants and transport them to the clinic. – Linda Dix-Cooper (GHE ’10).