Publications, Theses, Popular Media, and other Disseminations

Popular Media

RESPIRE: Three documentaries filmed and produced by Gabriela Martínez, 2005.

BBC World Service program “Danger Fuels” is about the health and development implications surrounding household energy and household smoke in the developing world,  Mark Whitaker from Pennine Productions traveled to San Lorenzo, Guatemala  to produce and record the radio program. It originally aired Wednesday, June 13, 2007. Click here to listen.

The New Yorker article, “Hearth Surgery” by Burchard Bilger (Dec 21/28, 2009, pp 84-97), covered our research in highland Guatemala. The 3-pg section of the long article describing the writer’s visit to the San Lorenzo research site is available here.

Journal Articles
PDFs of all journal articles can be found at Kirk R. Smith’s publications page.

  1. Smith-Siversten T, Diaz E, Bruce N, Diaz A, Khalakdina A, Schei MA, McCracken J, Arana B, Klein R, Thompson L, Smith KR, Reducing indoor air pollution with a randomized intervention design – A presentation of the Stove Intervention Study in the Guatemalan Highlands, Nor J Epidemioli 14(2): 137-143, 2004.
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  25. Smith KR, McCracken JM, Weber MW, Hubbard H, Jenny A, Thompson L, Balmes J, Diaz A, Arana B, Bruce N, RESPIRE: A Randomised Controlled Trial of the impact of reducing household air pollution on childhood pneumonia in Guatemala, the Lancet (in press), 2011
  26. Dix-Cooper L, Eskenazi B, Romero C, Balmes J, Smith KR, Neurodevelopmental performance among school age children in rural Guatemala is associated with prenatal and postnatal exposure to carbon monoxide, a marker for exposure to woodsmoke J of Neurotoxicology, forthcoming, 2011.


[four more submitted waiting journal review]

Doctoral Dissertations

  1. John P. McCracken, Cardio Symptoms, Child ALRI, and CO Modeling from the RESPIRE Project, PhD, Environmental Health Sciences and Environmental Epidemiology, Harvard University, 2007.
  2. Kyra S. Naumoff, Quantitative Metrics of Exposure and Health for Indoor Air Pollution from Household Biomass Fuels in Guatemala and India. PhD, Environmental Health Sciences, UC Berkeley, 2008
  3. Esperanza Díaz, Impact of reducing indoor air pollution on women’s health.  RESPIRE Guatemala ­ Randomised exposure study of pollution indoors and respiratory health, PhD, Public Health and Primary Health Care, University of Bergen, 2008.
  4. Lisa Thompson, Reduced Carbon Monoxide Exposures from Wood Fuel Use and Impact on Birth Weight and Anthropometric Growth Among a Cohort of Guatemalan Children Less Than 36 months of Age Participating in the RESPIRE Randomized Stove Intervention Trial, PhD, Environmental Health Sciences, UC Berkeley, 2008
  5. Ilse Ruiz-Mercado, The Stove Adoption Process: The Stove Adoption Process: Quantification Using Stove Use Monitors (SUMs) in Households Cooking with Fuelwood, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, UC Berkeley, 2011


Masters Theses and Maxwell Summer/GHE Masters papers

  1. Dix-Cooper, L (2010) “Chronic Prenatal Exposure to Carbon Monoxide in Woodsmoke and Children’s Neurodevelopment in Rural Guatemala: a Pilot Study,” MS, Global Health and Environment, UC Berkeley.
  2. Slowcombe, A (2010) “Coliform Bacteria in the Drinking Water of Highland Communities in Rural Guatemala,” MS, Global Health and Environment, UC Berkeley
  3. Diaz Artiga A, (2008) “Prediction of Early Childhood Stunting in Rural Guatemala,” MPH, University of Copenhagen.
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  10. Clark M, (2004), “Pilot Study of Woodsmoke Exposure Biomarkers (Methoxyphenols) in Urine, Maxwell Student Projects,” Max-04-1, EHS, School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley.  Also MS in Global Health in Environment, 2005.
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Conference papers and posters [incomplete]

  1. Bruce N, Smith-Sivertsen T, Diaz A, Schei M, Smith KR, Arana B, Khalakdina A, Pope D, Thompson L, Klein R, Prevention of burns among children in wood fuel using homes in rural Guatemala, Intern’l Society of Environmental Epidemiology, New York, 2004.
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Dissemination in Guatemala [incomplete]

  1. March 2003, Guatemala City, Introduction to RESPIRE at the World Bank Conference, Integrantes del Equipo del Estudio de Intervencion Aleatoria: Estufas Mejoradas y Neumonia en Infantes, John McCracken and Anaite Diaz.
  2. April 2005, 12 communities in the San Lorenzo and Comitancillo Municipalities, Video and slide shows to the participants in RESPIRE about the main results.  Main presentations by Mam-speaking RESPIRE fieldworkers.
  3. Oct 13, 2006, Summary of RESPIRE and introduction to CRECER at University of San Carlos in San Marcos, Andy Kuster, Carolina Romero, Rudinio Acevedo, and Gilberto Davila.
  4. March 27, 2008, Comitancillo, Summary of RESPIRE and introduction to CRECER to personnel from local NGOs and the San Lorenzo and Comitancillo Health Centers, Kirk R. Smith and Carolina Romero
  5. Sept 5, 2008, Rosendal (Norway). There were approximately  30-40 people, most of them from Guatemala including both the Norwegian ambassador in Guatemala and the Guatemalan ambassador in Norway.  Esperanza Diaz presented the different parts of the study (children, women, older women), the results on smoke reduction, preliminary results on children’s health and more detailed results on women’s health.
  6. July 23, 2009, San Marcos.  A summary of RESPIRE and the main ALRI findings Present were 15 people from the San Marcos Municipality MOH office. Kirk R Smith, John McCracken, Carolina Romero, and Eduardo Canuz.
  7. October 6, 2009, A summary of RESPIRE and the main ALRI findings in San Lorenzo to the CRECER staff, several of whom where involved in RESPIRE, and the director and staff of the Ministry of Health Center in San Lorenzo, and local Peace Corps volunteer.
  8. August 16-20, 2010: Dissemination presentations in 12 communities around the project area.  With about 75% participation by our participating households, 10 presentations of the slide show and video were narrated entirely in Mam by our fieldworkers.  Two presentations were in Spanish; the one in San Lorenzo itself also included medical staff from the San Lorenzo and Comitancillo Health Centers.
  9. August 2, 2011: Presentations on RESPIRE/CRECER by Kirk R. Smith and John Balmes at the Center for Studies on Health of Universidad de Valle, Guatemala City, for faculty, students, and invited participants from the Ministries of Health and Environment and the US Embassy.
  10. August 1-7, 2011: International Summer Training Institute in Household Energy Research, Antigua and San Lorenzo.  Funded by CDC with ~20 participants from North America, Latin America, Europe, and South Asia, working in Central and South America, Southeast Africa, and South Asia.