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 HUMN Mission Statement 
The aims of the international HUMN (human micronucleus) project:
1) A comparison of the main human lymphocyte culture methods currently in use to assess whether such methods might affect the measured base-line micronucleus frequency. The results from this will be used to establish an internationally acceptable procedure that will enable comparison of results among laboratories and across countries.
2) A comparison of the results accumulated for base-line micronucleus frequencies from the various laboratories. This comparison will provide information on the extent of variation of "normal" range values for different laboratories and countries. Furthermore it will provide information on the extent to which there is agreement on the key variables (e.g. age, sex, smoking) that affect the base-line micronucleus frequency in lymphocytes.
3) A study of the slide preparation and scoring variables (including inter-scorer variability) to determine the extent to which differences among laboratory responses are the result of differences in micronucleus levels in the different populations, or the result of differences in slide preparation and scoring procedures.
4) A prospective study linking the accumulated micronucleus index data from each laboratory to provide a powerful cohort in person-years to determine associations with common diseases, such as cancer, aging and selected genetic syndromes.
The HUman MicroNucleus Project